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Work Like Its All Up to You

August 6, 2009

Work like its all up to you, and pray like its all up to G-d“:  these are the powerful words of Ken Hutcherson, a man whose brief visit to a radio talk show changed the life path of my husband and me.  Life is too difficult to  over analyze OR oversimplify with all the psycho-babble, self-help ‘wisdom’ that crowds every genre of media today.  Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Madeleine McWilliams may make a ton of money, and their philosophies and edicts provide a seemingly deep perspective on life – yet when one dives into this pool of wisdom, one will often find one’s head stuck in the mud and that the water was very shallow indeed.  Their’s is new packaging of the tired old ’70’s adage, “I’m o.k., you’re o.k.”.  NO you are NOT o.k. and NO I am not o.k. — necessarily.

I don’t pretend that G-d and the Judeo-Christian blanket will warm everyone — it can, but it will not.  What I am trying to say is that we need to get back to the basics in this country.  Life is hard and life is not fair.  We are indeed all born equal, but we are not all privy to equal situations and choices.  But the Truth that I have discovered is that for each of us — our individual plights, trials, and joy offer a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and become joy for others.  It saddens and frustrates me when I see individuals who are bitter and resentful of their plight in life and choose to wallow in the mire rather than look for a clear path out.  Many times, of course, there is no ‘clear’ path out, but I know from experience there  is always some sort of path out of the dark.  I can guarantee that this path does not include the intellectual poverty that is rampant in the pop-psychology culture that is so ubiquitous in our society today.

Many who read this piece will at first reject what I have said with bitterness and resentment and that is expected.  If it makes a reader uncomfortable enough to cause those emotions, then the message is planting its tiny seed.  The age of victim-hood is so over (to use the vernacular).  And to be honest, I really haven’t said much — I’ve just put forth some of my truths and alluded to a shadow of my past.

To anyone out there who is frustrated and confused by all the rhetoric and posturing by the annointed elite pop psycho-babblers, take another look at spirituality — real spirituality — the hard kind — the kind that hones you into a different person through hard work and sacrifice and I bet you will find peace.

You can’t stand in the dirt, lean on the shovel, and pray for a hole — you’ve got to start digging it and pray to have the strength and courage to follow through until its done.

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  1. Seven permalink
    August 7, 2009 6:43 pm

    Awesome article. I have been lost in my life and will definitely take another look at spirituality. I want to her more! Please write more.

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