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Inspired by Rebelution!

December 29, 2009

I have just discovered a blog/website/challenge for young people (teens to be exact) called The Rebelution.  Two young men, Alex and Brett Harris, started this idea when still in their teens.  The term ‘rebelution’ is their creation and is a combination of the words rebellion and revolution.  They hope to inspire teens to rise above the mediocrity our current culture shoves them into through low expectations and advocating irresponsibility in the teen years.  I am a wife and a mother of four beautiful kids and three beautiful step kids.  I am certainly way beyond my teen years, but if I had had someone like Alex and Brett to lead me away from the path of lies and apathy that our culture led me down, I wouldn’t have felt as if I were chained by the negativity that swirled around me in my social life.  I had a wonderful family life, and was popular in social circles; however, the culture of irresponsibility, getting away with whatever one could, and apathy rang loudly in my school life and that of my friends. 

I remember parents and other adults telling me to “just have fun while you can”, “don’t try to grow up too fast”.  Of course adults never implied that I was to do as little school work as possible while having fun and staying young, the unintended implication was there for me and most everyone I knew as a teen.  Those two phrases, “just have fun while you can”, “don’t try to grow up too fast” are seemingly innocuous phrases meant to remind teens to enjoy where they are in life and not to constantly wish for the responsibility of adulthood.  That along with negative societal standards that tell us all we are too fat, too thin, have crooked teeth, hair too long, hair too short, slow, fast, and everything in between become our prison walls and bars. 

Stumbling upon the incredibly inspired, giving, and amazing work of these young men has shown me that I am still shackled in many of the same ways that I was as a teen.  While I embrace the responsibility of wifedom and motherhood with joy and thankfulness, I can be even better in those endeavors when I rise above the lies society tells me about myself, my appearance, my income, and my religion.  I can do hard things and I can inspire my children to do hard things only when they witness me breaking free from this prison I have freely allowed to be built around me and my thought processes. 

My husband and I sat down in the family room with our two teen boys (one almost a teen) and listened to Brett and Alex speak about their work, how it came about, and the new book they have written, Do Hard Things, on two episodes of Focus on the Family.  Our boys were inspired, encouraged, and freed by what they heard.  I could see the wheels turning in their heads and their hearts. 

If you want to know more about The Rebelution, go to to read all about it, become involved, get your teens involved, and become truly free.

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