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The New Year: A New Christian’s Perspective

January 4, 2010


I am a naturally happy and optimistic person.  Things that get me down, don’t get me down for long.  Like almost everyone else, my family sits down together to discuss New Year hopes and dreams, things we want to change, things we want to keep the same.  2009 was what I like to call a beautiful nightmare — parts of it were crushing and my family and I encountered some of the most difficult challenges that we have ever endured.  That was the nightmare part of it.  I like to think of most of 2009, however, as a beautiful success and opportunity for growth.  Amidst the crushing personal and familial hardships were all the little sparkly blessings strewn throughout.  Without these little blessings and beautiful scatters, we would have never made it through.  We had big blessings as well:  we bought a new home (our first together), I found Silpada Jewelry and became an independent jewelry representative for them which has boosted my spirits and helped with some of the bills, our children gave us countless precious hugs, kisses, and self-made creations, but most of all it was G-d that held us up and kept us mentally, spiritually, and physically afloat.  We definitely stopped and smelled the roses — that sweet scent wafting through the fabric of our lives — the little things.

As a result of this past year, I did not make the usual “cliche” resolutions — not that one shouldn’t make these — I just thought I would try something different.  My one and only stated resolution is to become closer to G-d through learning, serving, prayer, meditation, and action.  If I succeed in this endeavor, all those ‘little things’ will come floating around, making life so beautiful indeed amidst the storms just as happened last year.  It is one year that I have become what I call a true Christian.  Before that, I truly thought I was a Christian:  going to church every Sunday, saying prayer before meals, praying to our Lord when I thought about it or had time.  I rationalized that I was a good person, loving wife, loving mother….  Oh, how far from being a true Christian was I?  In my opinion, thinking one is a Christian and NOT actually being one, is worse than not being one at all.  At least atheists KNOW they are atheists and the KNOW everything about what they do not believe in and are not living with a false view of themselves.  Christ changed me — and my husband — and through that we were brought literally and figuratively to our knees. 

Being a Christian means seeking G-d daily, praying daily (even when it’s inconvenient), attending church, becoming involved in a ministry, and much more.  I wasn’t even faking it well.  My hard and fast resolution is to seek Him daily and watch for the blessing to flow.  For this reason, I know that 2010 will be the best yet for me and my family!

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