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Crane Durham: ‘Bama Basher or Simply Smashing?

April 7, 2010

Crane Durham is a young, up and coming host of the hit radio show called, Nothing But Truth. His honest and forthright commentary lends an air of innocence to the show that doesn’t always come through on similar conservative talk shows. The show combines analysis of current events and social policy with expert guests offering educated and experiential knowledge to the mix. Crane encourages listeners to call in and air their opinions on the subject at hand as well as offer commentary on his personal beliefs. Even rude callers are handled with class and dignity—a radio show to be proud of indeed.

Does Crane Engage in Unadulterated Obama Bashing?

As a daily listener, I have noticed some callers who simply cannot come to terms with the fact that Mr. Durham has a right to respectfully disagree with the president on policy and behavior. In this writer’s opinion, Crane is not vehement enough with his criticism of President Obama and his misguided policies that are clearly steeped in naivety and intellectual poverty. These callers seem to think that followers of Christianity are precluded from taking a strong, aggressive, yet respectful stance against wrong thinking. They whine that Crane is not balanced in his criticism of liberals and conservatives. I have news for these listeners—Mr. Durham is not a journalist; he is a talk show host! He does not have to be fair and balanced and has a right to his opinion on his own show!

Crane Durham is Simply Smashing!

He smashes through the rhetoric and lies of the left to bring listeners nothing but the truth. His unique way of presenting these facts, coupled with an outstanding roster of guests make this one of the very best Christian conservative talk shows on the air. The truth often makes folks a bit uncomfortable and squirmy (at least it does me), but its echo lends power and strength to those willing to do the hard thing and embrace it.

What is Truth?

In John chapter 18, verse 38, we read that Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” Truth was staring Pilate right in the face and he missed it. Perhaps many listen to truth emanating from the lips of pastors, loved ones, or yes—even talk show hosts and they miss it too. If we put our petty opinions and desires aside and listen diligently for the truth, we can work together to stop what is happening to us as a people in this great country. Instead we argue amongst ourselves and allow apathy and pride to reign in us. Shame.

You Know You’ve Made It Big When…

…there is an entire Web site dedicated to discrediting facts and opinions presented on your show. I won’t link to it, because it smacks of all that is wrong with the angry leftwing constituency. They wallow in victim mentality and spend time and talent focused on bringing someone else down rather than forming a positive coalition and working to change what they don’t like. Again – shame.

Inspiring Action

So Crane Durham must continue to be smashing and not bashing. Listeners must be inspired to take action for Truth. The Word tells us to become the salt and light of the world. Are you worth your salt?

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  1. ketch22 permalink
    August 5, 2010 1:59 am

    Well, I have never heard of him, but now that I have… I shall check him out!

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